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A stormy start and end to Christmas week | Vectis Weather | The Isle of Wight Weather Centre
A stormy start and end to Christmas week

A stormy start and end to Christmas week

amber rain and windMet Office forecasters are expecting a stormy start and end to Christmas week. However, there will be a calmer, colder spell for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The stormy conditions could bring damaging gusts of wind of up to 85 mph along some southeastern coasts of England on Monday night and 90 mph later on Tuesday for western Scotland and the Northern Isles.

Met Office Chief Forecaster Andy Page, said: “A rapidly deepening area of low pressure is developing to the west of Ireland and is forecast to pass just to the northwest of the UK overnight and on Tuesday.

“This will bring stormy conditions to the UK, with the strongest winds likely along the south and southeast coasts of England on Monday night and for Northern Ireland, the north and northwest of Scotland on Tuesday. This storm brings the potential for disruption to transport.

“The public are advised to stay up to date with the latest Met Office forecasts and National Severe Weather Warnings and find out what to do in severe weather so they can plan ahead and be prepared for the weather in store.”

For Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we are expecting a colder and less windy interlude with overnight frosts and sunny spells and a wintry mix of showers. So there is a chance that some places, especially the higher ground of the west and north, may see a White Christmas. For most of us though Christmas is likely to be green not white.

Another Atlantic depression is expected to bring a further spell of wet and stormy weather to the UK on Friday.

Throughout this unsettled spell Met Office forecasters and advisors are working round the clock with our partners to keep everyone up to date with the latest forecast information so they can plan and prepare for the expected weather.

David Jordan, Director of Operations at the Environment Agency, said: “Tragically people die because they’ve taken risks and attempted to drive through flood water just to save a few minutes. Flood water is dangerous. If there is widespread flooding in your area then don’t travel and if a road is closed then turn around and make a detour. Your journey could take you a little longer but making the right decision could ultimately save your life.”

“Unsettled weather is set to continue throughout the Christmas period, with heavy rain and wind affecting many parts of England, so people should check the flood forecast on the Environment Agency website to help plan – and sign up to flood warnings.”

Don’t forget you can “Tell a Forecaster” the impacts the weather is having in your area, uploading photos and information via your mobile phone.

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